As Studio Director for ALA Christine is the backbone of daily operations, and the one that keeps us all in line.  We lovingly refer to her as our office mom.  Christine is a naturally outgoing person with great communication skills.  Her ability to manage her projects, and tolerate the rest of us in the office is truly remarkable.

Christine started with ALA as an intern while finishing her Architecture studies at Cal Poly, Pomona.  During that time she introduced a variety of new technologies and design tools to the office and has continued to lead us with innovations today.  Her ability to adopt and adapt new technology to make our work better is invaluable. Christine holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree, cum laude, from Cal Poly, Pomona, and is actively pursuing her architect’s license.

When Christine isn’t chasing after her work, you’ll find her chasing after her son who’d recently learned to walk and run.  She loves spending her free time with him and her husband and, on the weekends, you can find them at one of the local car race tracks, or down at the beach with friends.  Together they like to explore Southern California and can’t wait to use their new travel trailer to expand their expeditions.

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