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We know that Great Architecture makes for better living.  That’s why we strive to give our clients opportunities to live their life in a better way, to elevate their senses, and bring them a new found appreciation for the built environment.  One way we do that is to drive inspiring discourse and generate conversations that matter, not only to us, but also to our clients and cohorts.

Needs and Options Review Training

At ALA we’ve developed a strategic "first things first, one step at a time" approach to helping our clients maximize their opportunities and minimize the potential for unknown issues that lead to problems later. This starts with our "Needs and [...]

Client Solutions

Designing a home starts with a meaningful conversation. Whether it’s an existing home or a vacant lot, you can visit our website to learn more or give us a call to get that conversation started today!

DESIGN BIZ SUVIVAL GUIDE, Episode 57: Anders Lasater, Architect

Today we welcome Laguna Beach based Architect, Anders Lasater. His award winning architectural studio specializes in custom homes, restaurants, boutique retail and commercial projects. In this episode we discuss his approach to solution based [...]

Here’s Why Architectural Details Are Vital

Have you ever heard a piece of music and thought, Wow! This is amazing!" There is plenty of great compositions out there, so I'm sure this has happened to you at least once in your life, and  when it does, it is usually impossible to understand [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Budgeting your New House or Remodel Project – Part 1

There are no promises that this will be as fun as shopping for new appliances or as alluring as choosing sexy flooring for your master bathroom, but defining a reasonable budget for your new home or remodel is the first step toward delivering a [...]

6 Sustainability Strategies Every Home Should Embrace

It’s easy for homeowners to be tempted into “off-the-shelf” green solutions as a magic bullet to creating sustainability. Things like internet connected thermostats and light dimmers, home battery systems and solar roofing tiles are sexy - and [...]

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