Suite Spot

Ayres Hotel- Chula Vista

Located in a new, modern-themed development in southern California, this 135 room contemporary hotel is a first for the Ayres Brand, typically known for their traditional, European style boutique hotels.


Our challenge was to tailor a contemporary architectural language to suit their tried-and-true hotel configuration while conveying a modulated sense of material, form, space, and proportion to the building façade.


The result is a new prototype hotel building for the Ayres brand that maintains the best configuration of their traditional hotels, but offers a fresh and modern appeal to their growing client base.


A dark plastered first-floor grounds the building to the site while a series of lighter colored masses undulate vertically and horizontally in rhythm with the regularly punctured hotel room windows. By grouping the windows in differing number within the various building forms the regularity of the hotel rooms is minimized in favor of a hierarchy of form, scale, and material.

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